It's been a looooong time since we heard any new Neal McCoy music. I was beginning to think he didn't like us anymore. All kidding aside, it's great to see Neal release some new tracks. Be listening for them on KIXS 108.

Neal McCoy is back in action today (3/6) with the release of his first album in five years. During the recording process of XII (12), Neal had the same mentality he has always had while mixing new tunes – make music that will come alive. Neal spoke with CMT Daily Roundup and said, “It’s similar to what I’ve done on all my albums. I try and put a little bit of everything on there. I want it to be like coming to a show of ours and in our shows were are notorious and have been for my whole career of doing kind of crazy stuff.” XII was co-produced by country music’s power-couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, and it is Neal’s first album under Blaster Records.
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