Here's a sordid tale that should that should send a chill down the spine of every man.

Allegedly, Catherine Kieu Becker, a 48-year-old California woman, poisoned the dinner of her husband, with whom she is the process of going through a divorce.

When the husband woke up from his chemical nap, he found himself tied to the bed, with Becker, knife in hand, standing over him. Then, she grabbed his penis and did the Lorena Bobbitt thing.

Perhaps mindful that John Bobbit actually had a career in porn after his member was re-attached, Becker dumped her husband's severed penis in the garbage disposal. Then she flipped on the switch.

Becker eventually called the cops on herself. When they arrived, they found her husband still tied to the bed and bleeding profusely. Becker offered to the cops the defense that her husband "deserved it."

The husband is in stable condition, at the hospital. "Portions" of his penis were recovered. It's unclear how much, if any, can be re-attached.

Becker was arrested for aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and other charges. She remains imprisoned, with bail set at a $1 million.

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