I can see my girls cringing at the title of this blog. They think it's super goofy when I say " Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!" and bless their hearts I say it often.

All these bright green St. Patrick's Day posters around the station announcing our big BINGO night on March 17th at Club Westerner remind me of the luck of the Irish, or in my case, the luck of 1/4th Irish.

I am a lucky person. I say this with absolute zero ego. It's something I understood about myself early in life and I consider it something innate about me, like having brown hair. Okay fine, brown hair with lots of gray now. But you get the point. I'm lucky, it's just understood. I'm like leprechaun lucky. Oh look, the girls are cringing again.

When I was kid, I literally tested my luck by rebelliously registering to win concert tickets when the rules clearly stated you had to be 18 or older to register for them. I was 11.

I thought I was being prudent while leaving my phone number, figuring I could just pretend to be my mother when I answered the phone. I just wanted to test the water. Turns out, I won. Now that I knew I could win I could go to a concert! Wait. Turns out " Mom" still needed to be present to pick up the tickets. That meant driving and I don't know...having a driver's license. Crud. I knew better than to ask my mother to get the tickets because she would have tanned my hide if she knew I'd lied to win them. I didn't get to go to the concert but I did get the conformation I was looking for. Yep. I'm lucky like a four leaf clover.

Do you know someone who says " I never win anything." Turns out there are tons of studies that indicate you're about as lucky as you believe you are! There are no studies that indicate that leprechauns are real though. I looked.

If you're someone who says they never win anything, try saying this instead... " I am a lucky person. Winning comes easily to me." Let us know if that starts to work for you! You can download our KIXS 108 app and test your luck that way! Or come out to our St. Patrick's Day Bingo on March 17th at 5:15 sponsored by Club Westerner located at 1005 West Constitution and play alongside me.

I'll be the one yelling "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner" instead of B.I.N.G.O.

Just for fun, here is a Luck Test from Buzzfeed.  Good Luck!

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