If you are a true Texan, you have had the pleasure of sinking your teeth into a Whataburger!  There is NO comparison to other chains like In and Out and Five Guys.  Here are a few little know facts about Whataburger.  Dobson, founder of Whataburger invented the 5 inch hamburger bun, so two hands would be required to eat it. Why orange and white?  Founder Dobson, wanted Whataburger to be seen from the sky!  Someone has done the math, and there are a possible 36,864 combination for your burger.  Even though Whataburger is in other states, it is Texas and has become a Texas icon.  Back in 2015, Whataburger was voted the chain that has the most loyal customers, according to data101.  We love our Texas companies such as Whataburger, HEB, and Buc-ee's.  EVERYTHING is bigger and better in Texas!

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