As the calendar flips and the transition into a new season begins, with these changes comes a new array of rising country artists. Read on to find out which country artists to keep an eye on in September of 2019.

Scrolling through this list, you'll see some familiar faces in Temecula Road, while names including Alex Hall and Madison Kozak may be a welcome introduction. While each artist selected for this list shows promise, what makes this month's batch of new talent unique is the bright spirit that connects them.

You can feel this spirit in the shining harmonies of young trio Temecula Road, the whimsical voice of Canada native Kalsey Kulyk and the smooth nature of Adam Doleac's tracks that are begging to be hits. You can especially feel it in the work of Kozak, the promising artist who serves as the first signee to the new all-female country label Songs & Daughters, along with Hall's breezy new song, "Half Past You."

Here are five artists to watch in September 2019.

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    Madison Kozak

    Madison Kozak plays an important role in a defining moment in country music. As the first artist signed to Nashville’s new all-female label, Songs & Daughters, it’s apparent why Songs & Daughters' president, acclaimed songwriter Nicolle Galyon, saw a gifted writer and kindred spirit in Kozak. You can feel her soulfulness on “Hey Highway,” an honest letter to the open road that led someone she loved away from her, yet she just as commandingly proves her go-getter spirit with “Trailblazer.” But the poignant ode to her father in the form of debut single “First Last Name” is a defining example of the powerful songwriting that'll leave you stunned.

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    Adam Doleac

    Adam Doleac is a man of many talents. The baseball and golf aficionado turned burgeoning country star has caught the attention of big-name acts, scoring cuts by Kane Brown, Darius Rucker and on the highly anticipated new Hootie & the Blowfish album. Doleac is now stepping from behind the curtain to share his full potential with his catalog, which is slightly left of center. The slick “Famous" features a Thomas Rhett-style pop-country beat and finds him smoothly praising the woman he admires while cleverly poking fun at his own ignorance, while “SOLO” and “Puzzle of Us” are swanky, yet sweet portraits of adoration. Now that Doleac has proven himself to the industry, he's poised to have the same impact on fans.

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    Temecula Road

    Though the eldest members of Temecula Road are a year shy of turning 21, the trio of Dawson Anderson and sisters Emma and Maddie Salute have matured in the two years since they caught the attention of Music City. Intriguing us with their impressive year-end covers of top country songs, the young trio have built upon their whimsical harmonies. You hear this on “Never Knew I Needed You,” which serves as ear candy wrapped around lyrics that offer a sweet portrayal of new love. Temecula Road's polished presentation paired with those spirited harmonies are bound to continue to charm listeners.

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    Kalsey Kulyk

    The moment Kalsey Kulyk draws you in with her voice, it’s evident how much she stands out. The Saskatchewan, Canada, native has already collaborated with Fleetwood Mac producer Richard Dashut and written songs with major Nashville player Liz Rose. But it’s the feeling of nostalgia that she captures in her songs that makes her a diamond amongst the crop of new Nashville talent. As she continues to build an impressive portfolio with the release of her debut album, in between her angelic vocals, she’s not afraid to show off her salty side on “Bad Liar” and “Damn Love,” while “Love Somebody” and “Not All Angels Can Fly” are pure poetry. You can feel the prairie lands of her native Canada in her voice, and the crisp production of her music mixed with her Dolly Parton-esque delivery instills you with a feeling of blissfulness, making her an artist to pay attention to in 2019.

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    Alex Hall

    Though brand new to the Nashville scene, Alex Hall is already proving himself to be an emerging star. The Georgia native is slowly cultivating a fanbase with songs like “Waitin’ on You,” “Tear Me Apart” and “Homesick,” enticing fans with by his unique vibe that blends his influences of Keith Urban and John Mayer. They can feel his passion in “Waitin’ on You,” where lyrics of him falling on his knees vowing to change for the better come to life, and are enamored by his soaring voice from the soulful “Homesick” to the breezy, radio-friendly “Half Past You.” Hall is one of the newest acts signed to powerhouse songwriter and producer Shane McAnally’s label, Monument Records, and is currently in the process of creating his debut album alongside the master craftsman. Look for Hall’s blend of acoustic pop and endearing lyrics to grab your attention as he grows into an established artist.

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