Whiskey Myers are enjoy great success in 2021, but the group's newest fans may appreciate hearing them reflect on their best songs before the hard work paid off.

During this episode of Radio Texas Live Legends, Whiskey Myers visit to talk about new music and old music, as of Aug. 2014. Host Buddy Logan jokes that Cody Cannon and his crew visit so often he may as well put them to work, and there's truth to that — could you imagine being on a softball team with one of the hottest acts in Texas?

Cannon wasn't on the microphone for this interview, recorded a few months after their Early Morning Shakes album dropped. It'd be several more years before viewers on Yellowstone would find them, sending archived projects into the Top 10 on iTunes. In Texas, they already knew what the world was just finding: Whiskey Myers is one of the coolest, most low-key acts around, which is why they're good enough to make this on-demand program.

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