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Join the Club, if you own a Jeep.

I've never been much of a 'joiner'. I mean sure, I love a good fundraising committee especially for a good cause in my Crossroads community, but I never really did 'clubs' in school or as a young adult. That's why I was a little surprised at my odd delight when my husband bought a Jeep.

Duck, Duck, Jeep in the Crossroads

One of the first things we were told when we bought it for our family to use on the ranch was that there was a 'secret' Jeep wave if we happen to pass another Jeep on the backcountry gravel roads. This is where I would normally explain the wave to you, but seeing as I've taken an oath and sworn to secrecy, I just can't. I'm in the club now.

What about the ducks in this story?

Okay, I'm getting there! Last week in our quest to be completely packed for our daughter's college departure, she and I took our Jeeps to town for last-minute shopping. On the way back to the parking lot I noticed there was a little rubber duckie on my door handle. I was more than perplexed. My daughter then mentioned she too had a rubber duck on her door handle as well. " That's weird, this is the second time someone has left a rubber duck on my Jeep," she told me.

So what's up with the ducks?!

Duck, Duck Jeep

Turns out... there is a Jeep group in the Crossroads called  Jeep Nation Crossroads, who are in the middle right now of an intense game of " Duck Duck Jeep," where Jeep owners from all over the United States leave each other rubber ducks on their rides. The idea is to pay your duck forward if you get one. I was so thrilled, I asked to be a part of the group! Ya, I joined! I'm totally a joiner now.

I'm looking at this duck and wondering what to do.

So, I'm all about the spiritual karma of paying things forward, but this rubber duck is so darn cute, and man I can not tell you the last time I asked to join ANYTHING (and they said yes). It will be hard to part with it!

On a side note

When I told my oldest son this whole story, he added that there is a game for people who drive Tacoma trucks too, but they don't pay rubber ducks forward. Instead, they leave tacos on each others trucks!!! And for a solid minute, I totally believed him.

Anyway, I'm off to play Duck Duck Jeep! Maybe you should start a game with the brand of vehicle you drive!

What if you don't own a Jeep?

Whatever vehicle you own, you could sooo start a game of your own! How about Robots for Rolls- Royce, Butterfingers for Buicks, Keys for Kias, Forks for Fords... endless possibilities! Modge Podge for Dodge. Okay, I'm stopping now. Lollipops for Lincolns.

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