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There is nothing more Texas than HEB and now after three years in the making, we can say there is nothing bigger in Texas than HEB! A two story HEB that is!

It's the first multi-story HEB in Austin and it's scheduled to open in Austin, February 2023.

HEB is planning the WORKS with this new grocery store concept. They will be offering customers everything from H-E-B’s True Texas BBQ restaurant with a bar, yep, you can shop, you can order some amazing BBQ, you can grab a beer or if you are wanting something more Italian the new store will include a pizza restaurant too to bigger seafood and deli departments. Shopping can be daunting so how about a cup of joe from the coffee shop that will be there too? It's got it all and then some.

The new multilevel HEB store totals 97,000 square feet.

HEB press release
HEB press release


Plenty of room for all of these amenities!

The second floor of the store serves as the sales floor and customers will have access to three elevators, open stairway, and multiple escalators and cart escalators HEB's press release offers. You can read the press release in its entirety here.

HEB intends for the first multilevel store in Austin to be more of a neighborhood gathering place and not just your average awesome grocery store. The location at 715 S. Exposition Blvd will also feature a two-story porch with views of Lake Austin.

"As the company’s first multi-level store in Austin, it will include features and innovations that make it a community gathering place," HEB's press release offers.

Let's shop at the top until we drop! 

Crossroads, please remember that our local HEB has partnered with Meals on Wheels South Texas for our local Feast of Sharing December 16th and they will need tons of volunteers to help bring hot food to homebound Crossroads residence. Please consider donating your time. Friday, December 16th. Here is more information.

Photo provided by Meals on Wheels Victoria,
Photo provided by Meals on Wheels Victoria,

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