Last week, a lawsuit was filed in court on Tuesday, where Whatabrands, LLC., the parent company of Whataburger, alleged trademark infringement and the violation of a contract against What-A-Burger #13, a small chain of restaurants with locations in Mount Pleasant and Locust. This is not the first time that this happened! Whataburger also filed a similar lawsuit against Virginia-based What-a-burger in 2003.

“Whataburger contacted certain of Defendants on October 13, 2022, in anticipation of its entry into North Carolina to notify them that continued use of their What-A-Burger #13 Mark creates a likelihood of confusion and thus infringes the WHATABURGER Mark given Whataburger’s nationwide priority in its WHATABURGER Mark as of 1957,” the lawsuit states.

Whataburger is planning on expanding into North Carolina this year! Read the full report from FOX 56 by clicking here.


Last year, a Victoria Man went viral for his Whataburger post!  Victoria resident, Gene Poncio! The photo shows a massive Whataburger with six patties and six slices of cheese!  I reached out to get more on the story! It turns out this is a part of his "carnivore meat diet."

Gene finished the burger, however, he did not eat the buns nor did he order fries. However, he washed it down with a Diet Coke! The burger set him back about $15.  Reactions have been mixed on the social site and have brought out more monster burger posts!

Whataburger Fanatics via Gene Poncio
Whataburger Fanatics via Gene Poncio

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