Brantley Gilbert has fought and overcome plenty in his life: He somehow walked away unharmed from a car accident that probably should have killed him, and he's recently been open about struggling with addiction (and overcoming it, thanks to a stint in rehab). Still, there's still something that absolutely terrifies the singer: the thought of having a daughter.

“I really don’t feel like my kids will be able to pull much over on me," Gilbert tells Taste of Country, "but I am terrified of having a little girl."

Although Gilbert, who married his wife Amber in 2015, admits that kids aren't part of the plan anytime soon ("right now, life's a little hectic"), the couple has discussed having children -- two, in fact.

“You hear people say, that have daughters, ‘Oh, I’ll go to jail.' But, no, I really will -- I’ll go to prison," Gilbert says with a laugh. "If a dude comes up my driveway that looks, talks, acts anything like me, I’m going to stab him as many times as humanly possible.”

Sure, Gilbert is (we think?) exaggerating, but it's clear that he'd be a protective father.

"I feel bad for that guy already ...," the artist continues. "I may just line the driveway with bikers, my brothers, and say, ‘Son, look: Anything you do to her, every one of them is gonna do to you.'"

Gilbert released his newest album, The Devil Don’t Sleep, at the end of January; the project is available for download on iTunes. Readers can press play above to see Taste of Country's complete interview with the singer.

Gilbert is promoting his new album out on the road with his 2017 The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour; for more information and to purchase tickets, check out Gilbert’s official website.

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