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It's been a wild night as the threat of rain lingers over the massive crowds at Memorial Stadium. There is just as much excitement in the stands as their is on the Frost Bank Field.

I'm here tonight with my family for the first time in life to see the epic rivalry between East and West High School.

JP usually covers our area football games, but this year I get to be here and let me tell you I've posted a few updates on Facebook and was quickly corrected on some of my perspective, but one thing we can all agree on... this has bee one helluva football game!

In the 4th quarter with 6:20 left in the game, the Titans began to even the score with Warriors at 30 points and the Titans at 23.

JP covered the rivalry recently in his latest article Friday Night Update

Here is what JP had to say;

"The 13th installment of the East/West Rivalry is set for Friday night and it will be an awesome season finale!  The East Titans and West Warriors have identical records of 4-5,4-2. Current 5A-1 District standings have the Titans in 3rd and the Warriors in 4th place."

 Last year, the boot went to the West Warriors with a 63-46 victory over East.

JP prospected that the East Titans had the edge with an overall record of 7-5 leading into this year's rivalry. The very first game of the rivalry was played on November 5th of 2010 which was also the season finale. Of course, the very first matchup took place in front of a mega-sold-out crowd at Memorial Stadium." JP remembers it was such a big deal that the Fox Sports Network featured it as the Dairy Queen Game of the Week!

Who remembers? The city was electric!" JP offers.

That is exactly how I saw this game as well! 

It was 33 to 23 with two minutes left in the game and fans on both sides were on their feet!

But West High School gets to keep the boot another year with the final score

Warriors 33

East 23

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