If you haven't seen this on the internet yet, let me introduce you to what we're dubbing as 'The Great Potato Debate'.

It seems sometime, somehow, Zippia polled Texans in an effort to find our great state's 'favorite potato dish' in honor of National Potato Day, which just happens to be today.

Happy National Potato Day y'all.

I can't even write this next part without cringing.

Apparently and according to this poll, Texans voted... deep breath... that 'fried mashed potato balls' are the states most favorite potato dish.

Fried. Mashed. Potato. Balls???

Now don't get me wrong, I can guess that fried mashed potato balls taste good because just about anything fried tastes good, but our favorite?

Who in tarnation answered THIS poll people?


Apparently the poll was conducted throughout the United States using 'Google trends' with a favorite potato dish ranking for every state. You can read the results here, but in the meantime let me ask you... when was the last time you Googled, " fried mashed potato balls'? Can you name a local or even state restaurant off the top of your head that makes, serves, or is even known especially for it's 'fried mashed potato balls'?

In fact, when was the last time you made fried mashed potato balls... besides MAYBE the day after Thanksgiving?

So round these parts, we're now having a Great Potato Debate, and we need your help.

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Please take our poll below to straighten out this whole Great Potato Dish Debate.

While we are on the topic of polls, here are other potato polls that you should check out.  These are two polls of the top fast-food french fries ranked in every state.  According to Eatthis.com, their poll ranks Chick-fil-A as number one, to which we have no argument but equally, we concur with the result of a similar poll by TakesSpruce.com which names Whataburger as the best french fry for Texans.

Even if polls can't agree on which fast food restaurant in Texas serves the best french fries surely we can SURELY agree that FRIED MASHED POTATO BALLS misses the mark as Texans favorite potato dish.

I could be totally wrong though. What say you, Texas?

Ps. Just kidding with Zippia, nothing but potato love for them.


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