The Red Raiders may have lost to TCU, but they went down swinging.

With just one second left on the clock and TCU leading 55-52, quarterback Patrick Mahomes dodged and weaved away from multiple TCU players and, while a TCU player was on his leg, connected with DeAndre Washington.

What followed was a mad scramble toward the end zone. Faced with four TCU players closing in, Washington tossed the ball to Le'Raven Clark. Facing a tackle, Clark also tossed the ball backward to Devin Lauderdale who then threw it to Jakeem Grant. (Still with us? Good.)

Grant's run toward the end zone - and what would have easily been one of the most amazing plays in Texas Tech football history - came up just shy as he was knocked out of bounds on the 10-yard line.

It was an exciting moment to top off an exciting game.

The video above shows the play unfold. You can feel the electricity in the air as the entire crowd at Jones AT&T Stadium cheered the Red Raiders until the very end.

You can get a closer look at the wild finish below.

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