Two different mandates, one coronavirus. COVID-19 has really done a number on the calendar so far this year. It's about to get all up in our football business as well.

Bootfest, Turkeyfest, Sandfest, and the list goes on. The fun summer events we have had to sacrifice have been canceled are now our fall events are starting to meet the same fate. Postponed due to coronavirus.

Monday was a big day for announcements in Victoria with the Office of Emergency Management. Dr. John McNeill, who is the Victoria County public health authority, announced with Victoria ISD that athletics should not resume until September 7th. For our football teams, that means September 7th would be the start of practice, meaning the first week of games would get pushed back to around September 24th - 26th according to 

The East High School Titans had two games scheduled prior to the September 7th date as did the West High School Warriors. Both Coaches have commented that the situation is very much up in the air at the moment. It would seem the games will either be made up or canceled at this point but it is too soon to determine.

The Cuero Gobblers will also see their starting week pushed back as well. The delay in the start of the season could possibly also push the playoffs back into the new year (2021) unless future conditions change the situation again.

It's very hard to plan anything right now that requires people to get together. Will High School football be another sacrifice of COVID-19? It's starting to look that way a little. We will keep Friday Night Lights in our prayers.

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