Unfortunately, these types of videos are popping up more on my social feed. In this video,  that was originally posted on the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page you clearly see three women casually walking out of a Katy TJ Max with a basket full of what appears to be stolen clothes! I am pretty sure that these three did not get very far. In this type of situation, it is probably best you don't try to interfere with the crime in progress.  Law enforcement will have some pretty good video evidence to catch the thieves. As always, check out the comments section on the video.

Check out the video that has now gone viral below.


I guess the real question is, what is the difference between butt naked and buck naked? Apparently nothing! Butt naked is just the way we used to refer to the term. Butt naked is how we now refer to the term.

What does buck naked mean? The phrase buck naked means completely unclothed. You are buck naked when you take a shower, for example, and babies are born buck naked.

What does butt naked mean? Butt naked is an alternative version and newer version of the same phrase. In some ways, it the more intuitive form: if you are completely naked, your butt is showing. You are, therefore, butt naked.

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