A video has gone viral from Waco, Texas! It shows a group of thieves working together to basically yank an ATM out of a Waco convenience store.  What is going on with kids today? The three men in the video were using a stolen truck out of Waco, according to the police. The stolen ATM and car used in that theft were found dumped, nearby, later that day.  Take a look at the video that was posted to Dallas Texas TV Facebook page.


TX Coach Spends Over $5K on District Card at Strip Club-Resigns

A soccer coach from Bridgeport High School in the Houston area has resigned after allegedly spending over $5 thousand dollars at a Houston strip club. The former soccer coach JD Bales is accused of charging more than $5,400 on a district credit card at The Men’s Club, a Houston strip club, in July.

This all happened during the Texas High School Coaches Association annual convention. It appears that this coach had a little too much fun. According to the an article by yahoo news, the exact amount charged at the strip club was $5,455.18 and has been reimbursed back to the school district. The school district is not expected to file charges against BalesRead the full story by clicking here.


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