A Cuero native, Quincey Whittington, recently hit SoCal for a quick trip. While strolling down Venice Beach on his way to meet some friends, he was suddenly stopped by an absolute stranger. This unknown man was carrying photography equipment and bluntly asked Whittington if he could take photos of him.

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Initially, he declined and tried to be on his way. However, the man insisted and showed his past work. Well, the photos must have been immaculate because Quincey is seen in a now-viral video impressed and agreeing to the impromptu photoshoot.

@alex.stempI asked this buff stranger to model 😳 stranger is @mrfitking ##foryou behind the scenes: @jess.billings @smokybombs♬ Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf

The photographer known online as Alex Stemplewski posted a video of the encounter on his TikTok page, and it immediately took off. Right now, the video has been viewed almost 22 million times, with 1.7 million likes! Talk about going viral; I get excited when I get more than five likes on my selfies-jeez.

Quincey Whittington
Quincey Whittington

The photoshoot started right then and there. Quincey ripped his shirt and was directed to do certain photos. After the video went viral, we asked Quincey if anything has changed for him:

"It brought a lot of attention to me, but at the end of the day it's just a video, and the guy behind is known, so just added more money to his pocket, doesn’t make me famous nor anything just really fell that’s well known’s well know for doing that and made another hit for him." Quincey Whittington

Quincey was definitely a good option for a model because of his very muscular physique. He actually has a business in Austin called Quincey's All Sports Training and Personal Training, but before that, he was in Victoria offering training for six years!

He got into training after failing to make it into the NFL. Quincey disclosed, "Failure in making to NFL and helping kids like my brother Jordan Whittington who plays for UT Longhorns, but training kids helped me through depression and helped me find my real happiness then it grew."

Quincey Whittington

It just goes to show that life is what you make of it. This Crossroads native didn't give up and made the absolute best out of what he was thrown at him in life. Even after going viral, staying humble and maintaining your personal goals in life are vital. As Quincey said, "Attention is cool, but reality and real-life are still here."

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