JP and I are privileged every morning to work with businesses on a personal level with our latest segment OPEN FOR BUSINESS, which we air on the KIXS 108 Morning Show. Open For Business gives JP and I the opportunity to feature our local community businesses on-air and often we laugh with them during the interview. This is especially true during our recent interview with Victory Barber Shop owner, Izzy.

See, Izzy has officially challenged JP to allow him to cut JP's hair in a mohawk. JP said YES so I can't wait to be there to record it LIVE.

Okay on to the business at hand, Victory Barber Shop!

Izzy, what is the inspiration for Victory Barber Shop?

" My wife inspired me. After winning my first barber competition she enlighted the idea. God also inspired me to follow my dream That's where the name Victory comes from. From having the freedom and free will with every aspect of my craft, trade and profession."

What do you want the Crossroads to know about Victory?

" I want the Crossroads to know that at Victory, we are skilled to make any hairstyle and haircut look good with ease. Everyone here walks out a winner. We would not be Victory Barbershop without our customers, so we want to thank them as well.

What sets you apart from other barbershops in town?

" What sets us apart from other shops is that we give 20% to FIRST RESPONDERS that serve our community, including active and non-active military. We also do wedding parties banquets and special occasion groups. "

At Victory, you'll walk out feeling accomplished. 1.979.476.1540

Now, about that MOHAWK, JP!?!

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