Some of the MOST EXCITING LOCAL NEWS in the Crossroads for 2020 has got to be the announcement and groundbreaking for Tolbert's 2nd Dairy Treet location!

Yep, the treat with two E's is expanding!!!

Told ya! It's exciting, right? Two locations to serve you now!

One of Victoria's most iconic businesses, Dairy Treet, which initially opened in 1955 has announced and started to break ground for its 2nd location! Scheduled to open in summer 2021 and located right off of John Stockbauer, next to Parkway Church, construction crews have already begun to work on what will be one of the most anticipated new business openings in Victoria for 2021. Except, of course, Dairy Treet isn't a new business. In fact, it's legendary!

Photo Courtesy of Ingra Lee TSM
Photo Courtesy of Ingra Lee TSM
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Sixty-five years ago on a dirt road in what was considered the "end of town," Dairy Treet opened its doors on the corner of Laurent and Crestwood quickly becoming one of Victoria's favorite local hamburger joints, famous for its hand patted hamburger patties, golden crinkled fries and homemade shakes.

The new location on John Stockbauer has a rendering of what the new location will look like, and it includes an outside eating area as well as a drive-thru!

We're secretly hoping they will still take your order, hand you a card with your number and announce when it's ready over the intercom too! It looks like in the rendering they will! Keeping our fingers crossed!

If you've lived in Victoria, you've probably placed your order and waited for your number to be called from your car dozens if not hundreds of times at Dairy Treet!

And you wouldn't be alone! Did you know music legend Elvis Presley has ordered a burger from Dairy Treet? Legendary movie actor, the late Burt Renolds has as well.

For my family, native Victorians, ordering hamburgers and fries for lunch has been a tradition since Dairy Treet opened in 1955. My husband's grandparents ONLY ordered burgers from Dairy Treet because they knew it was fresh, local, and handmade.

Dairy Treet is an iconic Victoria business and to the Tolberts we say, Congratulations on the new location!

Now to wait for summer 2021!

What's your favorite item to order at Dairy Treet?

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