Tuesday evening's Victoria City Council meeting featured a discussion on the popular 'Bootfest' event tentatively scheduled for October 2nd and 3rd.

With all the surges in active cases of COVID-19 in Texas, the city council says that for now the event is still a go but that continued surges may force them to reevaluate the event entirely.

CrossroadsToday.com reports that the city has set a deadline of August 31st. If coronavirus is still on the rise, Bootfest is likely to be rescheduled.

Right now, Bootfest will feature a Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show, Kid's Corral, and the Bootfest Washers tournament. Most of the live entertainment has not yet been announced due to scheduling limitations and COVID-19. Bootfest is the largest FREE event that takes place all year in the city of Victoria, and the business community is hoping the efforts by residents to slow the spread of coronavirus will be stepped up in the coming weeks to save another vital event for the community.

You can keep an eye on the October Event by bookmarking the website https://bootfest.org/

The rest of the meeting covered some of the 2020-2021 goals still on the table including patching potholes in city streets, traffic safety, and response, upgrading traffic signals and signs, and taking care of city street sweeping and mowing contracts. The council also discussed funding for road construction and upkeep.

The funding discussion will resume once the council has the reports they need for current projects already underway and nearing completion.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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