It may go without saying in South Texas, but ever since the Governor's State-Wide mask order of July 3rd, masks are pretty much required anywhere ya go.

If a business is open, employees are asked to wear masks along with the customers visiting the store. Some businesses have made their own announcements about mask requirements while others are not so strict about wearing them.

Across the country, Walmart stores have decided they will soon be asking all shoppers to wear masks into all locations. This requirement will begin on July 20th for the more than 5000 Walmart stores and Sam's Club stores. reports that Walmart has already made masks mandatory at 65% of their stores. Walmart decided on the change after making plans to step up its health and safety initiatives for customers during the CV pandemic. This means you'll soon see 'Mask Bouncers' outside the entrance of Walmart locations enforcing the new policy. You'll be able to spot these bouncers in their black polo shirts.

Walmart has not specified what alternative solutions they will have for customers with special needs as of July 20th. Over at Sam's Club, they have said they will provide masks for members who do not bring one with them.

Not that I was the biggest fan of going shopping before COVID-19, but now it's even more annoying with a mask. However, I keep 2 in the car, 2 in the office, and even more at home. How many of us keep masks on the ready but still get out of the car and forget to put it on? Somehow we will make it through. Wishing you good health and happy shopping.




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