After some 20 months of construction, the new lanes of Loop 463 (aka Zac Lentz Parkway) will open at approximately 8:30am today (4/16/13). According to a TDOT press release, the newly-constructed west-bound main lanes of the Loop will open to traffic and the frontage roads will remain open as normal, except for at the Salem Road intersections, where traffic will be required to stop. The lane-switching at these intersections will allow the Salem Road traffic to travel through the intersections with both east-and west-bound frontage roads, without stopping.

The actual traffic switch will start around 8:30am today, diverting traffic from the east-bound main lanes of U.S. 77, after the Briggs Street overpass, to allow for the removal and installation of overhead signs. The closure should reopen by early afternoon, once the signs are replaced. Once that work is completed, traffic will be allowed to access the main lanes of Loop 463 over the newly-constructed overpass.

Drive friendly...the Texas way!

Photo: Victoria Advocate

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