Home care for the elderly is a relatively new concept.

Over the course of the last fifteen years as medical and technological advances have been made, more and more senior citizens have opted to stay home and have individualized care.

And for the last decade, Wendy McHaney of Senior Helpers has been on the leading edge of helping Victoria families make the choice to have their elderly members stay home.

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"The trend has really been individuals realizing that they can age in place successfully. As you age, your home can become your hospital room too when you need it to be." Wendy offers. " We have a registered nurse who accesses and monitors our client's needs, we are one of the only facilities to have this. Our registered nurse will even provide what we've coined as "Life Evaluations" where she comes into the home and helps assess any red flags; whether it's a safety concern or health concern to help make the necessary changes in order to keep your family members healthier and home. Her goal is to help minimize hospitalizations."

Recently celebrating their tenth year in business, Wendy explains that last year, when COVID hit, they really saw the leeriness of senior citizens who wanted to avoid hospitalization for any reason. Thankfully Senior Helpers was there to help!

"I encourage anyone who is on the fence about what type of care to choose to talk to friends, church members, anyone who has gone through it before. Visit facilities and call us." Wendy says.


Visit Senior Helpers online here.


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