For the first time this year, the Victoria Police Department invited members of the community to contribute artwork to be featured on the department’s Christmas card. The invitation was announced on KIXS 108 and posted on the department’s social media channels and sent to local schools.  The Victoria Police Department sent to its community partners and fellow law enforcement agencies.

The winning art was created by a second-grader at Nazareth Academy.  Mason Lara's drawing features several brightly colored characters, including Santa Claus and Rudolph as well as a rainbow-breathing Godzilla and characters from the Mario video games.

The new chief of Police, Roberto Arredondo was touched by the artwork. Arredondo said. “I like that it has Christmas elements but he also incorporated some of himself into it.”  Mason was invited to tour the Victoria Police Department, where Arredondo thanked him for his drawing. Mason was given a card featuring his design along with a goody bag of gifts from VPD.

The photo below features Victoria Police Department Chief Robert Arredondo poses for a photo on Dec. 11 with Mason Lara, a second-grader at Nazareth Academy, in Arredondo’s office. Mason is the winner of VPD’s Christmas card design contest, and his drawing is featured on the card VPD mailed to its community partners and other law enforcement agencies.


The Victoria Police Department’s annual Christmas card features a colorful design by Mason Lara, a second-grader at Nazareth Academy.



Victoria Police Department Capt. Eline Moya estimated that the department received 20-30 artwork submissions from local schoolchildren and members of the public. The Victoria Police Department thanks all of the community members who participated in the contest.

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