Grab your paddle, because the annual Parks and Rec Kayak Clinic is coming up fast.

Recreation coordinator Gabby Anglin appears in the photo above at Son Valley Ranch showing off some kayak basics before a paddle down the Guadalupe River. Guests can enjoy this experience coming up on August 22.

Gabby says, “People who attend the kayaking clinic not only pick up a new hobby but get to go on a fun adventure that they can share with their family and friends." If you sign up for the clinic on 8/22 the program will begin at 8 AM at Son Valley Ranch. You'll be shown techniques using the large Stillwater pool before heading out for a socially distanced paddle on the Guadalupe. You'll learn practice strokes, how to turn around, and some safety exercises like how to safely climb into the kayak and how to get out.

The clinic will also include a trip over to the Pumphouse Restaurant where guests will then carpool to Memorial Rose Garden and paddle to Pebble Beach for lunch. After lunch kayakers will paddle back to the Pumphouse.

Never been kayaking before? This is the perfect experience to get started safely. No experience is required to be able to enjoy this trip. Flow Paddle Company will provide the kayaks, paddles, and life jackets. Flow Paddle Co-founder Ashley Magee will also be a part of the program guiding the class along the Guadalupe.

Parks and Rec will take care of sanitizing the equipment before and after use. You will be asked to wear a mask or face cover whenever you are not in the water or eating. All guests will be entered to win a $400 gift card from Academy Sports and Outdoors. The drawing will take place during the event on the 22nd.

If you have your own kayak, the whole event will only cost you $10. $20 for anyone who needs to rent a kayak and equipment. Getting signed up is as easy as

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