It's time to mask up in Victoria! All businesses that open in Victoria will need to make sure employees and customers who come inside to shop are wearing masks by order of Victoria's Mayor Rawley McCoy.

Mayor McCoy signed this order on Thursday after the Crossroads area saw the number of active COVID-19 cases reach the 1000 mark. If you are leaving your home for essential or non-essential travel, you would do yourself and others a big favor if you put on a mask. If you are a business owner who runs a store you no longer have as many options. Mayor McCoy wants everyone in your store to wear a face cover. As a customer, we must all realize that some businesses won't want us inside the store if we do not wear a mask.

Just this week, the Victoria had to shut down its FREE COVID-19 testing site over at the Community Center after crowds swelled to a size that was determined to be too large to manage safely. The site at the Community Center was able to test almost 800 people before it was closed down and the crowd dispersed.

On Thursday, another 54 positive cases got added to Victoria Counties list, bringing the total for Victoria county up to 468 cases. 238 of these cases are currently active while 222 Texans are listed as recovered.

Additional information on the Mayor's mask order can be found here.

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