Two days ago,Texas surpassed 10,000 new cases of COVID in a single day, making Texas one of the highest states of increased COVID cases in the nation. As of 7/10/2020 Victoria reported 1,601 total new COVID cases in our community at this time.

With those numbers in mind, it's not hard to believe Victoria hospitals, like many Texas hospitals, are experiencing a shortage of ICU beds due to severe spikes in positive COVID cases, so much so that our Victoria Health Authority is on record to offer his thoughts on the matter. As reported by Crossroads Today, Dr. Mc Neill said “We’re having problems in Victoria. DeTar Hospital has a total of 30 beds available for ICU patients, with the ability to open 14 more ICU beds. Citizens Medical Center has 18 ICU beds and other regional hospitals have fewer than 10 beds." Dr. McNeill offers.

Bed shortages are a severe state wide challenge and state and local officials are having to once again make changes to how we are operating as a state and community. Some Texas areas are suspended from elective services in an effort to make room for more COVID patients. Governor Greg Abbott offered in his latest proclamation that  “The State of Texas continues to implement strategies to help ensure ample supply of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients, by expanding this directive to include the counties within 11 TSAs,  ( Trauma Service Areas)  we are freeing up more resources to address upticks in COVID-19 related cases. The State of Texas will continue to do everything we can to mitigate the spread of this virus and support our hospitals and health care professionals as they care for their fellow Texans."

We will continue to keep you updated with the challenges our state and local health care providers are facing, but as a reminder, especially as we head into the weekend, please remember to socially distance when feasible and wear your masks in public.

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