Watch today's press conference from the Victoria Emergency Management Meeting in the Facebook live video above filmed by KIXS 108.

Today's meeting included a discussion about wearing masks. The CDC now recommends that anyone who walks out of their home has a facial cover or mask. Since masks are in limited supply people are making masks from cloth to be able to cover their nose and mouth. While a face covering will not prevent you from catching COVID-19, it MAY help to stop you from giving it to someone else.

Covering your nose and mouth is the one thing we have to combat the virus which will seek to gain entry into your nose or mouth. Let's try to put a stop to that. #SlowTheSpreadTexas.

Keep up the social distancing, don't go places you don't have to go, just stay home and stay safe.

The latest numbers of confirmed and active cases of COVID-19 can be found at 

Tuesday's 3 PM meeting will be carried by Townsquare Media radio stations on social media.

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