Watch today's press conference from the Victoria Emergency Management Meeting in the Facebook live video above filmed by KIXS 108.

Today's meeting included a discussion about Governor Greg Abbott's state-wide briefing about reopening the State of Texas and how we will plan for reopening the Crossroads here in Victoria County.

City officials will be standing by on Monday during the next OEM meeting to update Victorian's about how Victoria will plan to get back to work. The hardest part of putting together a back to work plan is mixing the economic needs of the State and the Nation with the needs of our community to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Be sure to watch the video above for tips from Dr. McNeill for keeping your home and office clean as you head back to work. Right now is a great time to be extra clean to slow the spread and to keep from seeing a resurgence.

The City of Victoria has shared some infographics on how to make your own facial covering. Be sure to check their Facebook page to find that info after watching the video.

The latest numbers of confirmed and active cases of COVID-19 can be found at 

Monday's 3 PM meeting will be carried by Townsquare Media radio stations on social media.

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