Watch today's press conference from the Victoria Emergency Management Meeting in the Facebook live video above filmed by KIXS 108.

Today's meeting included a discussion about when the city might consider easing the Stay Home Stay Safe order for Victoria County. While many of us are tired of sitting around the house, It's really too soon to think very far past May 1st. City officials think likewise and are holding fast to the May 1st date as a benchmark for further evaluation.

COVID-19 was very active in parts of Texas before we ever had our first case of the virus show up in the Crossroads. It took time to get here. I think when we see Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and others give the all-clear we can really start talking about that around here. Right now, those cities are waiting out the current month of April.

As of 3 PM today, there are 89 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Victoria County. Officials did say that so far our totals look promising compared to cities of similar size. However, remember we stopped testing last week due to a lack of supplies. Hard to say what the actual totals are out there. Saying it looks promising can be misleading, but it is important to remain optimistic.

Everyone remains interested in what the Governor will say coming up on Friday when he is expected to detail his plans for re-opening businesses in Texas.

The city council and commissioners court currently do not have an update on weather Stay Home Stay Safe will need to be extended at this time. Time will tell, and we will likely get an update towards the end of April. It's not yet been confirmed when that briefing will happen on Friday.

The City of Victoria has shared some infographics on how to make your own facial covering. Be sure to check their Facebook page to find that info after watching the video.

The latest numbers of confirmed and active cases of COVID-19 can be found at 

Friday's 3 PM meeting will be carried by Townsquare Media radio stations on social media.

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