Watch today's press conference from the Victoria Emergency Management Meeting in the Facebook live video above filmed by KIXS 108.

Today's meeting included a discussion about several calls over the weekend to the Victoria County Sheriff's Office to report 16 calls about Stay Home Stay Safe violations through the Easter Holiday. Law enforcement continues to enforce this important order daily in the city and throughout the county.

The city council and commissioners court currently do not have an update on weather Stay Home Stay Safe will need to be extended at this time. Time will tell, and we will likely get an update towards the end of April.

The staff at OEM made a point to thank the residents of Victoria and the Crossroads for their compliance with Stay Home and Stay Safe. They also passed along their thanks to our local church services who did an amazing job of providing worship service online. Everyone's efforts are very much appreciated.

The City of Victoria has shared some infographics on how to make your own facial covering. Be sure to check their Facebook page to find that info after watching the video.

The latest numbers of confirmed and active cases of COVID-19 can be found at 

Tuesday's 3 PM meeting will be carried by Townsquare Media radio stations on social media.

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