I know this isn't one of the massive jackpot amounts, however, it was a big win sold in Victoria. A winning $5000.00 scratch ticket was sold in Victoria at the Faststop Convenience Store, located at the corner of John Stockbauer and Miori Lane. The winning ticket was the latest in the $100 ticket series, The Loteria Supreme.  In case you keep track of stats, the winning ticket was #12 of 15 on the roll. Here is a side note to that win, tickets #13 and #14 were also winners as well. They were both break-even prizes of $100.00. This means there were three winners in a row!  The odds for this ticket are 1 in 3.23 which means this was a very lucky stretch of tickets.  Play Texas Lottery scratchers responsibly. 

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

The new $100 Loteria Supreme was released on April 3rd, 2023 and all four top-prize jackpots of $7.5 million and 40 $100,000.00 jackpots are still waiting to be claimed. Here is a full list of total prizes for the entire game:

ALL PRIZES REMAINING (as of 4/10//23)

4- $7,500,000  - NONE CLAIMED
40- $100,000 - NONE CLAIMED
$10,000      436 total- 4 claimed
$5,000    5,910 total - 43 claimed
$1,000   79,945 total- 425 claimed
$500    443,924 total - 6,451 claimed
$300    147,975total  -2,134 claimed
$200    887,057 total  -12,335 claimed
$100  1,183,600 total  -16,513 claimed

Do you play Powerball and or Mega Millions? if so, let's take a look at some fun odds things that are more likely to happen to you than winning the Powerball Jackpot. Just to have some fun, your odds of getting struck by lightning while drowning are higher than winning the Mega Millions jackpot:1-183 million. Good luck and play responsibly.  

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