Victoria City Council voted unanimously to move forward with keeping the proposed tax rate flat for the fiscal year 2021 during Tuesdays virtual meeting.

According to a report by Crossroads Today, "The Victoria City Council is proposing to keep the same tax rate of 0.61115 cents per 100-dollars of property valuation going into the 2021 fiscal year. That’s less than the no-new revenue tax rate of point 0.6122 cents per 100-dollars property valuation for the fiscal year 2020.

"The proposal takes into account the financial impact of COVID-19 on local residents," City Manager Jesus Garza says. "The goal is to reduce the financial burden on taxpayers. He says staff had to do some creative thinking to balance the budget."

“Council members verbalized that as well so when we were having that conversation with Council on Tuesday they also verbalized the importance of trying to keep that as low as possible, said Jesus Garza, Victoria City Manager."

The Victoria City Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5 pm at the corner of  107 W. Juan Lynn and Main Street inside the council chambers. Victoria City Council Members include; Mayor Rawley McCoy and Josephine Soliz, District 2 Mayor Pro Tem, Jan Scott, District 4; Mark Loffgren, Super District 6; Dr. Andrew Young, Super District 5; Jeff Bauknight, District 3 and Rafael DeLaGarza, III, District 1.

Although the public is generally invited to attend Victoria City Council meetings, due to COVID-19, meetings have been held for the public via ZOOM. Meeting agendas can be accessed online here.

To review documents presented during council meetings click here.

The next Victoria City Council meeting is scheduled for Septemeber 1st 2020.

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