Just reading his personal letter to his coworkers and community brought tears to my eyes.

It's been a very hard year for all of us, maybe for those that have lost loved ones and the front-line workers who've been there to witness it, hardest of all.

Dr. Daniel Cano is the Chief Medical Officer of Citizens Medical Center in Victoria and he posted an open letter on Facebook yesterday that has traveled around the Crossroads and is now making its way across the nation as well.

It's heartfelt and personal and yes, it's about the COVID vaccine.

Titled, 'What Can I Do?', it's Dr. Daniel Cano's thoughts on the COVID vaccine which he shares in an open letter to the Crossroads with sincerity and experience. You don't have to agree with it, but you should read it, especially knowing he is one of our own and he is on our frontline. The frontline.

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"I sent the following letter to fellow employees at my hospital yesterday afternoon. In just a few hours it has stimulated some great conversations about the time we are in, and the choices we need to make with accurate information. Although the message was intended for a local audience, I think it stands true for all of us around the country as it becomes each of our turn to access vaccination," Dr. Cano offers as well as saying, "This viewpoint is personal, and not the opinion of my employer or any other group I am affiliated with. The purpose of sharing this is to stimulate intrigue and thought—no choice is right or wrong, but one that each of us will need to make."

Thank you to all of our frontline workers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. And to those who have lost loved ones, our hearts and prayers are with you.

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