Flashing back to last weekend we saw Port Aransas Mayor Charles Bujan took to social media with the news that their Police Department's overtime budget was spent and it just would not be possible to continue to patrol the beaches. South Texans knew that statement meant the end of the vehicle beach ban was near.

Almost immediately after the post below appeared online, activity increased on the beaches. There was a reminder issued a few days later the vehicle parking ban was still in effect but it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. Nobody was available to patrol the beach to enforce the ban. Bujan issued a reminder a few days later that the ban was technically still in effect.


During Friday's joint city/county briefing KRISTV.com reports that This will reinstate vehicle policies at bay and Gulf beaches which began the ban just before the 4th of July holiday.

It seems like Nueces County just ran out of options (and money for a beach patrol). It doesn't do the county any good to have an order in place that nobody is following. They had limited options for addressing the matter so the ban is being allowed to end.

Canales reported that the county will help ease congestion in Port Aransas leading to the beaches by creating some temporary parking lots near access roads. The hope is to stop people headed for the beach from parking in the area neighborhoods.

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