As our community starts to find their way back outdoors, The Victoria Parks and Rec Department's goal is to provide safe, free recreation options during pandemic

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Riverside Golf course is now open to the public and operating with new rules.  You will now see all staff wearing face masks and the equipment is being sanitized frequently.  Groups will be limited to no more than four groups.

Playgrounds, bathrooms will remain closed to the public and are set to reopen on Monday, June 1st.  Safe Guards recommended by Centers for Disease Control.are being followed, in an effort to keep gatherings to less than 10 people.

There is a really good chance that you can find my son and I, doing a little batting practice over where the old Little League fields used to be.  We are having fun and still abiding by the social distancing rules 😊.Who remembers playing in Scott and Elder fields? Unfortunately the old minor league fields Wagner and Hernandez are now gone 😢.

If you need any information about parks in Victoria you can call 361 485-3200.  You call also call 361-573-4521 to make a reservation at Riverside Golf Course.

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