Going from one kid to two isn't exactly easy, but Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard says he and wife Hayley are doing pretty well six weeks into their life as a family of four.

“It’s definitely an adjustment, but we’re rocking and rolling," Hubbard tells People. "Hayley’s a good teammate, and I do what I can. I'm...not helpless, but I’m not the one making the milk, so I’ll change a diaper here and there."

The Hubbards welcomed their second child, a son named Luca, in mid-August. His arrival means they've got two children under the age of 2, as daughter Olivia was born in December of 2017.

“It goes from zone defense to man-to-man really quickly," Hubbard says, comparing parenting two kids instead of one to sports, "and I take more responsibility for Liv at some points now. It’s kinda busier for both of us at this point, but it’s fun.”

Hubbard and his duo partner Brian Kelley have had to contend with a busy work schedule during this time, too, and Hayley has been vocal in the past about the great support system of family, friends and a nanny who step up when her husband is on the road. Hubbard adds that he's "super grateful and thankful" for the road family he's built as well.

"It’s been probably the most inspiring year on tour thus far,” he shares. “I think it’s given our whole crew and everybody a whole new life out here.”

Previously, the Hubbards have said that they're open to the possibility of continuing to expand their family: They're "open [to]" the idea, they say, adding that they haven't completely decided one way or the other, but have talked about adopting, too.

“We think that’d be really neat,” says Hubbard. “But we’re also wanting to do that in God’s timing, and we don’t really feel like that’s now. We don’t really know what that looks like, but that’s definitely been something that we’ve talked about in the past.”

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