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What's More Rank Than A Number 2 Ranking? 

So Texas makes it into the Top Ten WORST Places to Live in the United States and if you haven't guessed by now, we ranked at #2.

Yep, a big ol' stanky number two. 

It's the annual CNBC’s annual America’s Top States for Business and according to the list, there is only ONE OTHER STATE worse than Texas to live in!

In order to even make the Top Ten list, CNBC ranked the states considering factors such as " crime rates, environmental quality, and health care." Also, they included, "For the first time in 2022, we also consider the availability of childcare, which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found is a major obstacle for parents seeking to reenter the workforce."

Nevada was ranked at number ten with their greatest weakness being lack of child care and poor air quality, Tennesse at number nine with their greatest weakness being inclusiveness and crime. Moving down the line, Missouri ranked number five with their greatest weaknesses being listed as crime and voting rights. Oklahoma was number three with multiple healthcare-related weaknesses.

What were Texas' greatest "weaknesses?" 

We had four strikes against us. Listed as our greatest weaknesses was our lack of childcare resources, health resources, inclusiveness, and voting rights.

So what state was rated Number One as the Worst Place to Live in The U.S.? Arizona! It's no wonder heat wasn't the biggest contributing factor to the list but Arizona was cited for poor air quality, lack of health resources, inclusiveness and high crime rates.

You can read the full list of CNBC’s annual America’s Top States for Business by clicking here.

Explain this to me, please.

If Texas is rated as the number two place to live in the United States, why have we seen articles such as this one from listing Texas as the number one state to live in the U.S? " Texas has the highest retention rate of any state, with 82% of people born in Texas still living in the state. That means about 3,800 more people move into Texas than leave – every single week," the report offers.

This leads most of us in Texas to believe that any other news report listing Texas as anything but the NUMBER ONE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE US is absolute bull____. We'll let you fill in the blank.

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