A family in the Austin area is counting their blessings. Tara Vicker of Austin suffered a massive heart attack about a month before her due date putting the pregnancy in jeopardy. The doctors and medical staff at St. David's North Austin Medical Center did an incredible job! The couple delivered a healthy baby boy named, Charlie! The Vickers were also reunited with the doctor and team that save Tara and baby Chalries's life at St. David's North Austin Medical Center. What an incredible story that God definitely had a hand in. Congratulations to the Vickers family. Take a look at the heartwarming reunion videos below.


Initially, Tara thought that she was having normal pregnancy heartburn. That was not the case! She tried heartburn medicine and her inhaler when it got harder to breathe, but nothing worked. That is when she knew this was something serious. 

She tells, KVUE in Austin, "that's when God told me, ‘You need to go.’ Her husband, I told her, 'We have to go,'" she said. "He drove me to the E.R., got to the E.R. My blood pressure is 185 over 125." After running a few tests, her doctor in Weimer, Texas, said she was having a SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection) heart attack. She was flown to St. David's North Austin Medical Center. The doctors treated Tara Vickers' heart, and a high-risk pregnancy team watched after her baby. Tara was able to make a recovery from the heart attack.  When she was stable, the medical team waited three weeks to deliver the baby because delivering a baby so soon after a heart attack is dangerous. Read the full story by clicking here at KVUE.com.


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