Police in the San Antonio area are currently searching for 31-year-old Amanda Mann. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office states that she admitted her infant child into a San Antonio hospital with serious injuries and left without returning. The extent of the baby's injuries was not disclosed by police.  ***As of Sunday evening, Mann has been located and the investigation is ongoing.*** Prayers to the sweet innocent infant.


These Two San Antonio Bars Raised Age Limit to 30

In a move that was made last year,  Bently's on Broadway and The Bar Horizons & More in San Antonio raised the age to enter their bars to 30 years old.  The Bar Horizon now advertises itself as a place where "the grown and mature come to relax, play, eat and dance."  The change has been effective since May 2022 and looks like it is here to stay.

In an article posted by KSAT 12, the owner, Toya Taylor, say "I don't do drama, I don't allow drama. That's why my age limit is 30 and up.  I love my 21 and up but sometimes they don't really know how to control their alcohol.'  They are pretty proud of the results, you can see the results by scrolling through their Facebook page, people are also on board with this change. What do you think?


VIDEO: Texas Thieves Yank ATM Right Out of the Store

A video has gone viral from Waco, Texas! It shows a group of thieves working together to basically yank an ATM out of a Waco convenience store.  What is going on with kids today? The three men in the video were using a stolen truck out of Waco, according to the police. The stolen ATM and car used in that theft were found dumped, nearby, later that day.  Take a look at the video that was posted to Dallas Texas TV Facebook page.


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