A letter was sent to Stormy Elementary School's parents about a situation of an unattended gun in a bathroom. Security personnel left his firearm unattended in an Elementary school bathroom.

According to this article posted by kwtx.com, the firearm was found in less than a minute by another teacher, who then alerted the school administration.  An Allen Police officer who was on campus immediately took control of the firearm.  During this time, no students accessed the bathroom and everyone was safe.

In a letter that was sent out by the Elementary school principal, Claudia Harrison, she explains, that the school security officer left his firearm in a bathroom reserved for teachers and staff. The letter also explained that the security officer was not an Allen ISD employee. He was contracted by local security company L&P Global Security! No charges will be filed.

Texas’ new House Bill 3, requires all public schools to now have at least one armed security guard at each public campus.

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VIDEO: A Possum Was "Escorted" Off Field at Texas Tech Game

We can file this under the 'this will probably only happen in Texas' file.  During the TCU/Texas Tech game last night, a possum made its way onto the field and did not want to leave. It ultimately had to be escorted off of the field and was not happy about it. Check out the video below. On the field, Texas Tech defeated TCU 35-28. The video was posted to the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page.

VIDEO: TX HS Kicker’s Extra Point Lands Perfectly in Passing SUV

A High School Football game in Waco, had something with astronomical odds happen, well, we assume the odds are astronomical, but we don't actually know what the numbers are.  It was an extra-point attempt which turned out to be good. However, it is what happened next that made the crowd go wild. The football kick was time just perfect enough to make it inside a passing SUV, see the viral Tiktok below...

@arizonasfamily Incredible! A person driving by a football game caught the football after the extra-point kick! #football #highschool #HSsports #texas ♬ original sound - Arizona’s Family 3TV CBS 5

There was no netting behind the goalpost because of electrical power lines. See a full report by clicking here. In the reports, the woman who caught the football is also interviewed.

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While this one is not a looker, this one has the biggest capacity for a High School Stadium in Texas. Memorial Stadium in Mesquite plays host to five school districts in the Mesquite school district. The estimated capacity:19:400.




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