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One of the most gut-wrenching feelings in the world must be knowing your fur baby is missing. I can't even imagine what it's like to know that it was stolen instead.

That's exactly what happened to country singer Shane Smith, yesterday when he discovered that his truck and his registered emotional support dog, Gretchen, a 10-pound grey Havanese lapdog was stolen. Shane and his wife, Lauren, who took their family to San Antonio for an anniversary trip are absolutely devasted. Gretchen was in the back of the truck when it was stolen from the parking lot outside of the Hotel Emma at the Pearl, formally the famous Pearl brewhouse.

Shane Smith, the lead singer of Shane Smith and the Saints, began his search while pleading for the return of his beloved dog Gretchen on social media asking for any information and that the Smith family is offering a $10,000 reward for Gretchen’s safe return.

KSAT12 in San Antonio reports that Shane updated his post offering that the truck was found outside St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital in the Medical Center, but Gretchen wasn’t in it. And if that wasn't enough Lauren told KSAT12 later that the truck was stolen for the second time around 11 p.m. Monday! The person who originally stole it had taken the keys with them! She added that the second time the truck was stolen, security guards at the parking garage had left their post.

The couple offers that the truck and its contents are inconsequential at this time, their hearts and concern are only with Gretchen. They are pleading for a safe return on their fur baby. Gretchen is wearing a collar and is chipped.

Photo courtesy of Shane Smith/Instagram
Photo courtesy of Shane Smith/Instagram

Lauren Smith offers that anyone with information is urged to call 469-595-9007.

We wish them all of the best and are hoping for a happy reunion.

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