Southwest Airlines has kinda been my go-to airline while living in Texas. A quick trip to Austin and I'm on a plan to visit the family back in the Midwest or over in Alabama. While most airlines have made the switch to require masks, Southwest and American Airlines had not. Until now.

Rules requiring passengers to mask up became official on Monday as the Texas carriers joined the rest of the airlines with these new guidelines. Now, I'm not a fan of crowded airports but we all deal with them. However, long lines, crowded planes, and now I'm wearing a mask for my entire 2.5-hour flight. I think I just lost my mind. Road trip anyone? In all seriousness, wearing the mask from the time you line up to board the plane to the time you walk away with your bag at your destination is a long time to wear a mask. But it's better than being put on a ventilator after catching a respiratory virus.

Many airlines, as well as airports, want you wearing a face cover as we head into May of 2020. reports that Southwest announced it will require passengers to wear a facemask "anywhere that social distancing is not feasible, including check-in, boarding, inflight, deplaning, and at baggage claim."

American Airlines wants its passengers to wear masks when entering the plane. Southwest, AA, United, and Delta have also announced they have a limited number of masks if you do not have your own. Does this mean if you don't have one they won't let you on the plane? Nobody included that information.

Airlines are making exceptions with the kiddos. Small kids who can't keep a mask on will be exempt along with people with medical conditions. Oddly enough, you can take the mask off to enjoy your inflight beverage and pretzels which kind of defeats the whole purpose of requiring a mask in the first place.
Airlines have reduced capacity on planes as well. Southwest is only selling flights up to two-thirds capacity, while Delta is no longer selling the middle seat in each row of 3.
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