It's not something the average country music fan spends a lot of time thinking about. We just go to the venue and our favorite artists are there to entertain us, right? We don't think about what it took to simply get there. These people basically live out of a suitcase 90% of the time. Little daily conveniences that you and I take for granted are sometimes hard to come by when you're living on the road.

The members of the Eli Young Band are no strangers to the road, and have become fully aware of their “must haves” while traveling. Band member Jon Jones admits that he has even started collecting a peculiar item. Jones told CMT Daily Roundup, “I am amassing an impressive collection of airplane pillows. It seems like I always forget to bring one but I always want to buy one so I’ve got a closet full at home. So that is my new must have, must always have a couple with me in case I lose one, have a back up.” The Eli Young Band is back on the road this week, as they head to Kansas City, Missouri on Thursday (5/31).
KIXS 108 says congratulations to all of our winners that got to see the Eli Young Band this Memorial Day Weekend at Concrete Street in Corpus Christi. It truly pays to be a KIXS 108 VIP.
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