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We all love a happy ending to an already amazing story! And that is exactly what's happened as the world watched a young driver having to manage his red Chevy truck getting caught in a Texas tornado earlier this week in Elgin, Texas.

We've been keeping you updated as this incredible story unfolded, but in case you don't know what we are talking about, first WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! Lol, We're kidding of course, here is the original story and viral video!

At the time, we had NO IDEA who the driver was, only that this video was incredible to watch! In fact, it became viral within minutes of it being posted and we were all just wondering who the driver was, and what kind of truck that was because they both looked Texas tough!

Turns out, the driver, Riley Leon is only 16 years old! Initial reports indicated he might be in his early 20s. Can you imagine being 16 years old caught in a tornado??? Crazy, right?!?!

Well not only did Riley walk away from the incident relatively unscathed, but he is also getting a HUGE GIFT!

Turns out the 2004 Chevy he was driving, to a JOB INTERVIEW AT WHATABURGER no less, was pretty beaten up in the incident, but as millions viewed the video what really blew everyone's mind was that the truck still drove off perfectly fine after being twisted and turned in the tornado! Talk about some serious free advertising!

Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet in Ft. Worth is presenting Riley with a brand new 2022 Chevy in red of course! Now to see if Riley gets that job because COME ON- he made it to the interview regardless of the weather!

Check out Riley's interview thanks to KVUE on Youtube! 

On his way back from a job interview! We all hope his next great news is that he got the job! 




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