Stalwarts of the Texas music scene, the Randy Rogers Band have cultivated a loyal following of rowdy, fun-loving fans over their 20-plus years of making music together. Though they’ve flirted with mainstream success, the band has generally preferred to stay in their home state of Texas and those states nearby, selling out honky-tonks with their traditional and twangy Texas country.

The Randy Rogers Band have eight full-length albums, several live records and plenty of chart-friendly hits to their name, so it’s a tall task to choose their five best tracks. Below, though, you'll find The Boot's picks:

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    "I Miss You With Me"

    From 'Rollercoaster' (2004)

    A rare quiet and tender tune among the Randy Rogers Band's plentiful catalog of Texas country anthems, “I Miss You With Me” shows off Rogers and company's softer sides. The song is especially powerful when performed live in an intimate, acoustic setting.

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    "San Antone"

    From 'Nothing Shines Like Neon' (2016)

    An ode to one of the most historic cities in the Randy Rogers Band's home state, “San Antone” exemplifies the group's dedication to their fans, Texas and sonic traditionalism.

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    "Too Late for Goodbye"

    From 'Burning the Day' (2010)

    One of the best tracks on the Randy Rogers Band's 2010 album Burning the Day, “Too Late for Goodbye” is one of those songs that never quite got the due it deserves. It’s endlessly catchy and relatable, and shows off Rogers’ vocal chops.

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    "Kiss Me in the Dark"

    From 'Just a Matter of Time' (2006)

    "Kiss Me in the Dark” is a Randy Rogers Band essential. It’s also one of the band’s highest-charting songs: It peaked at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart following its release as a single.

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    "Tonight's Not the Night (for Goodbye)"

    From 'Rollercoaster' (2004)

    Released as a single in 2005, “Tonight’s Not the Night (for Goodbye)” also earned the Randy Rogers Band the No. 43 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song's legacy is more enduring than its chart success, though — it’s a prime example of Texas country music at its finest.

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