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Boo Baby!

Halloween is right around the corner and in my family that means the start of serious snacking!

Around our house, it's a few tricks and a whole lotta TREATS!

These are recipes I consider "tried, and true", having made each of these for Halloween parties and for family and friends with great success.

What I love most about Halloween cooking is that the weirder the look, the better the reaction I get. From Sweet Breakfast Intestines to Witch please, these recipes are sure to please even the pickiest goblins!

Part One All Treats No Tricks

Bonus videos. Each of these recipes takes a little under ten minutes to concoct and we've included videos to make it even easier.

Thank you to HGTV Handmade for this great recipe. You'll likely get the same reaction from your guests as the ones in the video! Boo-Ya!

I mean, ya'll these are soooo freaky!! That skeleton head... shout out to Tasty for sharing these on Youtube!

Thank you to Crafty Girl for these easy Witch Brooms.

Check out these adorable ghost pretzels. You won't get a Boo if you serve these. Thank you to Crystal Reagan.

Witch, please! Check this recipe out for Witch Fingers, one of my family's favorite of my treats! Thank you to Junali's Cookbook for this great recipe. I've made these every year for over a decade!

Everybody loves a parfait, especially when it's candy corn. Thank you to Amber Pierce.

How about my favorite, shrunken head punch? It took me three tries to get the carvings perfect, but I love this punch and serve it now every year after trying it in 2021.

Thank you Chef Cheri on YouTube for this recipe.

Out of time? Here is one of my favorite YouTube channels, So Yummy,  to give you several quick and easy treat ideas you can make too!

These recipes are ULTIMATE #Squadghouls.

Happy Haunting!

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