In an attempt to put the controversy aside, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo announced this week that he agreed that rookie Dak Prescott should remain as the starter for the Dallas Cowboys. It's hard to argue that decision, considering how well Prescott and the rest of the team is playing but, what about the future?

Team owner Jerry Jones considers what Romo has said "not a goodbye." In an interview, Jones said he thinks Romo is still capable of leading the Cowboys, or any other team to the Super Bowl.

Considering the fact that Tony Romo is now 36 years old, it's only a matter of time before he wants to hang up his cleats, and in the meantime, he's about the best backup quarterback in the league. Who knows how long Dak Prescott can stay hot? What if he gets sidelined by an injury? If Tony Romo is called in from the bench, I can't think of anyone better to lead the Cowboys.