With everything being bigger in Texas it should come as no surprise that everything in Texas is better too. Take our vodka for instance. Tito's Vodka recently ranked as the number one selling vodka in the United States, SURPASSING heavy hitters like Grey Goose and Smirnoff.

That's right, Tito's Vodka was ranked numero uno in sales by the International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR), considered the leading market information source for spirits.

With the Tito's brand worth several billion dollars in 2020, it's pretty to cool to think Tito's humble beginnings started as just a "hobby" for enthusiast Tito Beveridge in the 90's.

Tito grew up in San Antonio playing polo with aspirations of pursuing a career in horse training, but with a name like Tito 'Beveridge' how could he not start his own vodka distillery?

Call it fate, call it using 19 credit cards to borrow $90,000 to start the first legal Texas distillery in 1995, call it a wing and a prayer, but whatever you call it...we call it Tito's and now we call it number one in sales! Tito's sells about 45 million bottles of vodka yearly.

So what makes Tito's so popular (aside from it's great origin story)?

Is it because Tito's key ingredient is yellow corn while other vodkas are distilled using potatoes or wheat? Is it because Tito's is still considered "handmade"?

I think it's because Tito's is distilled right here in the great state of Texas.

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