Here is something new and exciting for anyone who is interested in the history of the Crossroads and of those that came before us; the men, women, and families who helped shape our community into what it is today.

Travel back in time with Victoria Preservation, Inc!

It's the Victoria Preservation, Inc.'s Annual Cemetery Tour, with a BIG TWIST.

This fan-favorite event won't be held inside a cemetery!

It's the 2021 Cemetery Tour, 'Pioneers, Patriots and Pariahs' on Saturday, January 23rd inside the Leo J. Welder Center for two great shows, at 10 am and at 6 pm. 

Victoria Preservation Inc's mission statement says it all." Preserving and protecting the heritage and history of Victoria County." The VPI website offers, " (VPI) has been our community’s leading non-profit voice for historic preservation since 1980. They advocate for the preservation and protection of Victoria County’s precious historic resources," and this year they will host their annual Cemetary Tour inside the Leo J.Welder Center for Performing Arts, allowing spectators to travel back in time while staying warm and socially distanced!

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'Pioneers, Patriots and Pariahs' will be presented with a projector screen behind the actors on the stage, allowing strong visuals during the storytelling performances.

The cast of characters who will be featured is still a bit of a secret but, Jeff Wright, VPI, Inc. Executive Director offers, "Having our event at the Leo J.Welder Center this year gives us a unique opportunity to feature people who are not necessarily buried in the cemetery, perhaps even people whom we don't even know where they are buried."

Very mysterious and fun!

"Having the tour at the Leo J Welder Center is a trial run for VPI. If it's successful we might look into doing more of these tours like this in the future." Mr. Wright says. "I'm excited about it!"

We are too!

If you want ticket information, visit the VPI, Inc. Facebook page here.


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